Saturday, August 14, 2010

St. Anne des Monts to Riviere au Renard

The morning forecast was a Strong Wind Warning for 10 - 20 knots, so we knew we were in for some motoring. And sure enough, with only brief periods on 12 - 14 when we could shut off the motor, we made our way east towards Riviera Renard in typically 3 - 8 knots of wind from behind. 

The O'Day sloop berthed ahead of us at St. Anne des Monts left about an hour before us, by just after lunch we had caught her and passed close by, both of us motoring and neither with an explanation for the lack of wind. The mountains on the peninsula had grown taller and steeper to the shore, and the settlements fewer and farther between. 

More mountains, less town on the eastern Gaspé Peninsula

The wind died and then filled in from ahead, then we were overtaken by a series of squalls bringing heavy rain. The first one also brought one lightening bolt which seemed to hit very close by. Looking at the Sirius satellite weather plot, it showed a lightening strike right on top of the boat position, a bit scary! All of the other lightening fell well behind us. 

Sailing directly through a rainbow - it looked better if you were there, and a relief after the rain and lightening!

We entered the harbor at Riviera au Renard after dark, but found the attendant still there to register. They had some of the nicest washroom and shower facilities anywhere, seemly new and spotlessly clean and free too! This in a working fishing port with very few yachts. The only eating facilities nearby were the California style "roach coach" taco van and the similar ice cream van on the dock. Curiously, the taco van was closed but the ice cream van open for business at 9:00 PM, and the ice cream van again open at 7:30 the net morning.

'Anomaly' at Riviere au Renard

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