Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Days of Lobster - Day 4 (8/22/2010)

Sunday, 8/22/2010
Up at 7:30 but the showers still not open; had to walk upstairs to the restaurant to find someone to open them.  Jon spent the morning at Starbucks.  Upon his return, we tried to find some of the art studious listed in the Craft-Art directory I'd found, but a lot of them are closed on Sunday.  We did see a nice video about the birth of Canadian Confederation in the historic Province House.

Had lunch on the boat and then walked along the nice board walk past the Yacht Club.  We ended up back at the top of Queen Street again where a craft faire was closing down.  By then some art galleries on Great George Street had opened up, so we browsed some interesting art there.

Later we were invited to the Nonsuch 30 Monicat by Chris and Monica Brittain, longtime residents of PEI.  It actually started to rain for awhile which allowed Monica to show off her nice full cockpit enclosure.  We learned a lot about the island from them.

Later yet Christine and Paul came by Anomaly and we reviewed charts on Jon's computer (which kept zooming in and out in an annoying way), and they gave us many waypoints in Nova Scotia and the Bras-D'ors Lakes that they have enjoyed.  Jon gave them his construction slideshow which was interesting to them since they are now building their own catamaran.  We tried to take them to dinner, but they insisted now, so we walked back up to Gahan for the chowder which was surprisingly more chunky this time (more lobster!).  The service was painfully slow again, albeit cheerful.

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