Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rimouski to St. Anne des Monts

It seemed windy overnight, and with again a forecast including Strong Wind Warnings with 10-20 increasing to 15-30 we anticipated another day of sailing the 90 miles to St. Anne des Monte. There is an intermediate marina of Matane, but it has only 1.5 meters of water at low tide and 'Anomaly' only floats in 2 meters or more. 

Setting the sails with 10 - 12 knots, we turned downwind and slowly watched the wind die away, started the engine again, and motored most of the way to St. Anne des Monts. The coastline is mountainous and green with forest and occasional cleared farmland, with towns every few miles. We slowly entered the harbor at our destination, listed on the chart as having 1.5 meters at low tide (and we were at low tide) but assured by the guidebooks that there was more, and indeed found 12 feet. We tied up behind an O'Day 40' sloop and registered with the Gardien through a passerby entrepreneur pressed into service for the purpose. 

Farms and wind farms on the Gaspé Peninsula: click to expand

A very rare sighting of a pleasure boat on the Gulf - the Oday 40 bound from Rimouski to Bonaventure

St. Anne des Monte is also not a tourist town, though not unattractive. And it did have a Tim Horton's for morning donuts an easy walk from the marina. It also had a plague of gnats which defended on 'Anomaly's' decks in hordes, they expired in drifts in the bulwarks and had to be hosed off the next morning. The marina was cheaper still than Rimouski, but the showers more expensive: $1 for 4 minutes!

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