Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ann Rejoins the Journey in New Brunswick

     August 18, 2010.  My brother-in-law, Jim, drove up to the barn even a little early around 5:15 am.  Lucky, of course, jumped into the open trunk and had to be extracted.  Poor cat; I felt so bad leaving him.  I was bound for the 6 am airport shuttle to catch an Air Canada flight from San Francisco to Moncton, New Brunswick via Toronto.
     The flight goes relatively painlessly, being a direct connection to Toronto and despite the on-demand entertainment system totally blanking out for about 30 minutes.  I had already finished watching Shrek Forever before that happened.
     Customs in Toronto at 9:30 pm went smoothly; it seemed mostly to consist of picking up my luggage and putting it back into the Air Canada domestic system, although the customs agent had a bit of a bee in his bonnet about Jon not having a captains license for a boat over 40 ft until I told him Anomaly is US registered.  I was annoyed by the domestic connection, however.  Although signs direct you to the connection, they really practically dump you out the door.  I lost my bottle of water because I had to go through security all over again.
   On the hop to Moncton, I sat next to a fellow who looked and sounded just like John Holland, our granite expert.  He was returning from Alberta where he drives a petroleum truck for 4 months at a stretch.  What a commute!
     The plane had been delayed, but made good time and neither of us finished our movies.  Jon seemed happy to see me and we collected my luggage and drove in a borrowed car the short distance to Pointe du Chene pier and Yacht Club.


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