Thursday, August 26, 2010

Five Days of Lobster - Day 3 (8/21/2010)

Saturday, August 21, 2010.
We had such a late night last, that we didn't get going until 10 or so. I could hear many passers by making comments about the boat.  Jon finally popped up when Paul and Christine Melarson (correct me if I got that wrong, guys!) came by.  They really seemed to know what they were looking at, and Jon always likes to show Anomaly off.  They generously offered us the use of their car which they brought down later.
8/21, 10 am:  Anomaly's first berth in Quartermaster Marina was right on the wharf, behind the cow and I
Ever in search of espresso, we walked up to town.  Many little shops and even some convenience stores with fresh produce are located within walking distance, even a Starbucks.
Jon at Starbucks on University Ave in Charlottetown, PEI
I was more interested in the Bookmark bookstore which had a very nice collection of art supplies.  I got a red micron pen to aid in drawing seascape boating scenes, and one of the many editions of Anne of Green Gables.  Apparently, the author, L.M. (Lucy Maud) Montgomery was born on PEI which is the setting of 19 of her 20 novels.

Returning to the boat, we found the keys to the car along with a note that the Farmer's market was closing within an hour, so we drove up there as quick as we could.  They had some nice cheese, and I think some of the produce stands had already closed, but we have yet to find a Farmers market as fantastic as the one in Hamilton, Ontario.  I did have a nice maple sausage, however.  I wasn't brave enough to ask what an "ugly dog" was.

We had less luck with both the Atlantic and Sobey's supermarkets- there had been quite a bit of traffic attributed to Old Home week (the last hurrah of summer, I'm told), and our favorite beverages had been depleted.  A better find on the way back was the Queen Street meat market, inexplicably on University Street.  The sign advertised a delicious 4 year old cheddar.  We bought a big chunk and I also got some nice boneless chicken breasts.  The proprietor was quite a character.

Returning to the boat, we moved it out to the end of the dock's into a spot that was labeled Sobey.  Apparently, the Sobeys of supermarket fame had just left for the summer.  We had to slog through the mud a bit to get next to the dock, but it's a lot quieter away from the main pier.

Finally left to do some sightseeing at 3:30pm so only had time to go out to Brackley Beach.  It cost over $15 to get into this Provincial Park, but the green grasses running down to the pink and red sand beaches are nice.  I had my best lobster in a sandwich from a little snack shop at Covehead.
8/21, 3:51 pm:  Beach in Brackley Provincial Park
Dinner at the Merchantman Pub featured excellent seafood chowder (more lobster!), light tempura battered Haddock and crispy fries.  I saved room for Cows Ice cream Chocolate Monster (chocolate with heath bar).  The Peak's Grille band fired up at 10:30 PM and was even louder than the night before.

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