Friday, August 6, 2010

7/19: 2nd day in Quebec City

Today our new friends Gil and Lise took us to the nearby Waterfall at Montmorency, despite the rainy day. This waterfall is supposedly higher than Niagra.  The Duke of Kent, 4th son of King George III and father to Queen Victoria kept his Quebecois mistress here.
Montmorency Falls
We also visited an artisane Bakery, which was still very small compared to Toronto or American standards, and we had lunch at the Potato Corner, formerly the Roi de Patate (Potato King).  To be honest, In and Out is much better.

We had planned to bike to the Yacht club, but it was too wet today, so we wandered through the Lower City instead, and ended up riding the Funiculare up to the Frontenac Starbucks.  On the way back we visited the ornate train station.

It finally stopped raining in the evening, so we walked over to Brynd for their famous Smoked Meat.  It tasted like corned beef, but much more tender like good Texas BBQ.  We walked off dinner along rue Sait-Jean which was blocked off for pedestrians only.  THe shops here were a bit more silly and touristy.  More interesting was the old city wall, which we were able to climb up on and walk around the old city.  No handrails here to save idiots from falling off!
Walking along the old city walls
Finished off the evening with Dark Chocolate Mouse (Jon) and Baileys Creme Brule(me) at Grill Ste. Anne, very yummy.  I feel like I'm putting pounds on here in Quebec.

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