Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five Days of Lobster - Day 1 (8/19/2010)

Thursday - I woke up with a terrible headache due to lack of sleep and the 4 hour time difference; we're in the Atlantic time zone in Shediac, New Brunswick, Lobster Capital of the World.  Otherwise, it was a lovely sunny day.
     I finally forced myself out of bed and had a nice shower at Pointe du Chene Yacht Club (PCYC)
after discerning that the hot and cold are again backwards.  Amazing how many showers have had that issue.  I got Jon to take me to Bayou for a real breakfast (rather than his normal espresso and pastry) since I didn't get much real food to eat yesterday.
     Back on Anomaly, it was time to get the provisioning done and after making the appropriate lists we headed for Sobey's supermarket (more on Mr. Sobey, later), but not before stopping to pose next to the Largest Lobster in the World.  We managed to score 2 packages of Lemon Perrier in plastic bottles, a rare find, but no "mocktails".  Chicken also seemed very expensive.
     Later, Jon showed me the pier and how the locals liked to go running and jumping off the end.  We had some nice ice cream- Death by Chocolate, and that was about all I could do before succumbing to jet lag and a nap.
Pointe du Chene Pier

     Jon woke me in time to get to dinner at Paturel's Shore House Restaurant where we had a delayed anniversary dinner.  I had boiled lobster hot with melted butter and the recommended french fries.  The owner came by to make sure I had dispatched my lobster correctly and he seemed as surprised as I was that I remembered how to eat one.  He did say, however, that he thought lobster is best served cold because then they can stop the cooking at just the right time by plunging it into salt water.  It's true that the tail was a bit tough and chewy.

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