Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five Days of Lobster - Day 2 (8/20/2010)

A couple of days at Point du Chene is an exaggeration, Jon!
     He wanted to leave at 8 am the day after I arrived- 31 hours after I arrived, to be exact, but I knew my jet lag wouldn't wear off that fast, so we got going around 9:30.  I insisted he make his aforementioned mocha's before we left, after all, what was the rush?  The trip to Charlottetown was estimated to be 11 hours.
8/20, 8:30 AM:  Jon at the helm on a beautiful day
8/20, 8:31 am:  Departing Pointe du Chene Yacht Club

    Well, it was a lot longer slog than that.  I'll let him fill in the details, but suffice to say it was a long choppy trip dodging lobster pots all the way to Charlottetown.  The only interesting feature was the Confederation Bridge, and it really is a homely looking thing compared to our Golden Gate and even our San Francisco Bay Bridge.  The best that can be said of it is that it has a simple, clean line to it.

Confederation Bridge - Designed by the pop artist Christo?

     It seemed to take forever to get to Charlottetown, and the skies both before and behind us became dark with periodic flashes of lightning that lit up the entire sky more often than producing a bolt.  I didn't hear any thunder which made me believe, wrongly, that we weren't going to get too wet.  By the time we reached the harbor, it was very dark and drizzling.  Fortunately, the range finders for the harbor are well lit.
     Then the excitement began as we called on 68 to find no room at the yacht club, and no answer at all from Quartermaster marina.  Note to self:  if no answer, try 16 instead.  We decided to go for the fuel dock and figure it all out later, but that seemed to hug the shore and it looked too tight to spin around and tie up on port, so Jon backed all the way out and we switched all the lines and fenders to starboard.  By this time, Anomaly had attracted quite a bit of attention, and we received instruction to tie up on the pier, again, right under a soon to be booming night club.
     By this time it was after 10 pm, and the grill had stopped serving food.  We received helpful instructions, and settled in at the brewpub Gahan for my second lobster meal, more of a taste really- Buttery, creamy, seafood chowder with mussels, shellfish and of course, lobster!
     There were a lot of people in the place and it took a long time to get our meal.  When she brought the check, the waitress said we might want to wait out the rain.  It was coming down in buckets.  We waited for a while, but it never slowed, so we thanked our foresight to bring our umbrellas and returned to the marina.  It was coming down so hard that we got pretty wet anyway.
     Another unpleasant surprise was the the washrooms were locked by the restaurant, and the marina doesn't have a key to that deadbolt.  We had to shower on board Anomaly, and tried to go to sleep to the pounding of the beat from the nightclub and the rain.  It seemed both went on for about 5 hours.

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