Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Saguenay Fjord

Up anchor at Tadoussac bay (all 240 feet of anchor rode) and we rounded the point into the river. As soon as we entered the river, we had 24 knots of wind directly down it combined with a 1 - 2.5 knot outflowing current and so it remained for the rest of the day. The wind funneled down the river such that at each turn, the wind was still from directly ahead. This made it slow going, it was not practical to sail at all with any hope of covering the 24 miles in daylight, so again we motored. A guy on the dock had told us that the National Park moorings would likely be full but contradicting the guide books, said you could anchor there (and he was right). But after a scenic trip up the gorge, we arrived to find the last mooring still vacant, and picked it up. 

Upbound on the Saguenay, crew working hard

The Saguenay River is supposed to be the largest fjord in North America, some claim the largest in the world. When only 2 boat lengths from the steep rock shore, the depth sounder reported 500 - 600 ft, when it could find a bottom at all. Baie ´Eternité is a small bay at the ´Eternité River entrance, with shear rock walls extending up hundreds of feet from the bank. It is quite a picturesque setting, though difficult to photograph with any accurate depiction of the feel of the place.

A Pano representing about 170 degrees of the view: click to blow up

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