Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/9- Laying Low in Ramea

Thursday- Rainy and windy with gusts over 30 kts by early morning.

Ann writes:

Jon gets no rest; something is always rubbing, scraping or banging and always when it's dark, a downpour, or a wind gust.
We had lunch at Eastern Outdoors which had very good fries but a small mealy burger. Note to self: avoid beef in Newfoundland. I actually found the US Open tennis coverage on TSN network; lots of , but it was a real snooze fest since they announced the score before the showing, and Nadal/Verdasco was scheduled for later. Boring!
I cooked veal scallopine and blueberry muffins for dinner. We're down to 1 propane bottle; I think we have a leak because it smells so strong in the cockpit when we're sailing that I have to move away from the side the cabinet is on.

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