Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/12/10: Waiting for calmer seas in Rose Blanche

Sunday, sunny and windy and not much to cold front other than name: COLD!

Ann writes:

During our boat-made mocha's and cinnamon rolls, we were treated to a carillon (bell) concert, presumably from the local Church, although I was surprised to hear Anchors Aweigh which Americans will recognize as the fight song of the US Naval Academy.
After lunch @ Fisherman's Friend of crispy chicken caesar salad, we walked down main street and took more photos of the picturesque village.

Anomaly's 2nd visit to Rose Blanche

Looking out towards the Lighthouse
We then walked back to the Lighthouse shops; Jon for Scotsburn chocolate icecream, and I for a book I couldn't quite recall. Fortunately, the Grub Box hostess remembered it was Writing the Sea, by leading Newfoundland author and Rose Blanche native Cassie Brown, but I guess the only copy sold. We bought souvenir hats instead.
I walked to the end of the local road across from Big Bottom and had a nice chat with a fellow from Calgary who said his family spends several months a year here. He'd originally bought in The Petites, but that nearby outport is already abandoned.
The locals stopped by on the dock to watch a young fisherman insulate his exhaust pipe, and as I was trying to photo an odd bird, they told me it was an immature ("this years bird") "Sea Pigeon". I've tried finding it on the internet and the descriptions for non breeding Black Guillemot, Common Guillemot and Pigeon Guillemot are difficult to distingish. Anyway, right then, another "otter" appeared, and we all agreed it is really a Mink.

The only mammals we saw in Newfoundland were squirrel, mink, mouse, dog and cat.

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  1. anomoly matches the fishing boats nicely! great colour choice