Sunday, September 5, 2010

8/26- Soggy Souris Today


Windy and wet today. We slept in since Jon was up several times during the night adjusting the halyard and hatches in the wind and the rain. The waves looked pretty choppy beyond the breakwater; we could have continued on, but it would have been an uncomfortable day, so we decided to wait it out.

We emerged for lunch at the natural foods place again around 1pm. This time we each had a salad and cinnamon roll after sharing a chicken quesadilla. They make everything to your specifications; good, fresh, food.

We popped into the Seaside Chic gift shop which carried some interesting items. Then we stopped by the Co-op to pick up some forgotten supplies and spied some nice baked goods from Harbour Bakery. We got directions to the place just up Church Ave., but found that they send all their goods to the Co-op at 1.

I sent Jon back to the boat with the frozen lasagnas so I could take my time in the Fire & Water gift shop. It was raining pretty steadily, and I got pretty wet on my way back to the harbor. Our little umbrellas don't work all that well in the wind. We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with correspondence.

I cooked farfalle arabiata for dinner, but the Candaian canned diced tomatoes had too much sugar in them an ruined the sauce, IMHO. It turned into a beautiful warm evening and we went out to photo the lighthouse at night and get chocolate dipped ice cream at Shirley's Place which is open until 9.

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