Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9-5, Earle passes by

Sunday- Still very windy, blowing the clouds into a sunny day.

Ann writes:

Earle was kind of a blow hard; very little rain after last evening, so we were able to get out the bikes again today.  Had a great day beachcombing and picnicing at Deadman's Cove.  So many beautiful multi-coloured stones on the beach.  We also hiked to the top of Gun Hill, which I discovered was blanketed with blueberries.  New slogan for Palmer:

Harbour Breton- Blueberry Capital of the World!
Made my own version of put in this evening- Bacon stir fried with onions and red peper, add cooked rice and stir in 2 beaten eggs.  Season with salt and red pepper.

Jon writes:

The next day continued to be windy, so we bicycled to Dead Man's Cove and then hiked to the "look off" at the top of Gun Hill. 

Dead Man's Cove

Panorama of the U shaped Harbor Breton (click to expand)

Trail and stairs up the ridge to Gun Hill look off
Who needs a Stairmaster when you have Gun Hill - a small sampling of the several hundred stairs

Ann with a bunch of blueberries - the ones she hasn't already eaten
'Anomaly' is currently lying Baddeck Harbor, Nova Scotia

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