Friday, September 3, 2010

8/25- Exploring Souris and My Last Whole Lobster

A beautiful sunny day w/refreshing breezes. Cool and windy enough by evening for a jacket.

I had an agenda of at least 3 stops today, much to Jon's dismay. At least he liked the Souris Lighthouse where the niece of the last lightkeeper gave us the tour. (Apparently, guides are required to prevent jumpers- they had 7 in one day!) We had beautiful views of the harbor and town and also saw their collection of Sea Glass which included vials from Sacramento and elsewhere in California.
The restored historic Souris Lighthouse
Making our way into town, we noted the locations of the Blue Fin restaurant, the Post Office, and the Co-Op grocery store. The ladies at the Post Office wanted us to steal their computer so that they could get a new one that didn't crash all the time.

We had to walk all the way to the beach to visit Naturally Yours. Before we got there, I dragged Jon into Log Cabin Arts & Crafts which turned out to be mostly knitting, weaving and quilts. Naturally Yours on Beach road had antiques and gifts. I bought a green (7-up) and amber(beer) sea glass bracelet which also reminded me of the green and red colors of the PEI landscape. I just can't get over the fact that when I was small, we beachcombed in Washington for whole floats and bottles and ignored the pieces; I guess that's all a thing of the past now and pieces are the best you can do.
View of Souris Harbor from the Lighthouse

We continued on to Souris beach where the snack stand wasn't yet open. A good opportunity to lure Jon over to the beach to look for our own sea glass. I could have looked forever, but Jon was more interested in the ADL ice cream at the snack stand- it was our most reasonable meal on the island at $3.50 total for both of us.

Back in town, we had lunch at the natural food store- I think it was called Rite Bite. They served a rich soup of local haddock and potatoes. Jon also liked their cinnamon rolls which were fairly dense and buttery with a strong cinnamon flavor. Jon had to get me some ice because my wrist was swelling up terribly from some kind of insect bite. I also received suggestions of benedryl or sliced onion to deal with these bits.  Nothing has worked very well, but the ice did slow it down a bit.

After provisioning at MacPhee's grocery and having to take a taxi back, we walked back up to the Blue Fin for dinner. I once again ordered the Lobster dinner, and I swear I won't order another. It was just an awful experience all the way around. First, they seated us right next to the doomed lobsters which makes me feel awful. The waitress even wanted me to pick one out; I couldn't look. Then it arrives and is just a pain to deal with- a gruesome affair of tearing it to bits, and it didn't really taste all that good. Once again, my whole lobster was tough and chewy (this one was boiled), and to top it all off, I couldn't get the smell off my hands for hours. My best lobster of the week definitely was the lobster sandwich at Covehead and I'm not ordering any more whole lobsters.

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