Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9-7 Facheux Bay to Hare Bay

Tuesday- Mostly cloudy, cool and humid.
Ann writes:

Some strange cries echoed over the ridges from an invisible valley beyond the ridge: Moose? Disappointing not to see one. The birds didn't appreciate my iphone concert of bird songs, either.

We had a short pleasant motor to Hare Bay. There is a twin waterfall very near the entrance in Mare Cove. It looks like water levels are low; there are at least 6 visible falls and several other deep cuts in the high granite walls probably carry water in wetter periods.

Anomaly anchored in Hare Bay

This Bay is actually inhabited.  A motor boat, a runabout and a dinghy were anchored in front of a red cabin and we could hear voices occasionally. We anchored on the other side of the 2nd to last cove and could see 3 waterfalls from that vantage point. We dinghyed around the Bay to the bases of the waterfalls which tend to disappear into the gravel moraine below them. One had a nice little multi-level cascade into the bay. We were able to go ashore at Sandy point where I found periwinkles, mussels and butterclam shells. Also a bit of plastic trash along the high shore line of the beach that was rocky enough to make walking difficult at times.

Base of waterfall emptying into Hare Bay

I started to paint plain air and of course it started to rain, so was forced below. Cooked pork chops and potatoes. Note to self: Local pork is much better than the beef.

Jon writes:

With only 3 knots of west wind, a sloppy left over sea, and only 5 miles west on the coast to go, we motored out of Facheux Bay and into Hare Bay. It is even more spectacular than Facheux, and we chose the Northwest Arm at the head, leading to a large pool in which we anchored. There were two or three cottages there, one of them actually occupied. In fact there were two other boats in the pool, contrasting with the complete seclusion in Facheux Bay. Nevertheless a serene setting. We explored the pool and tributary waterfalls in the dinghy.

The entrance to Hare Bay

Double waterfall on Hare Bay

The North Arm anchorage at Hare Bay (click to expand)

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