Monday, September 27, 2010

9/15- Exploring Baddeck

Wednesday, Bright and Sunny with late afternoon showers

Ann writes:

We strolled down Chebucto Street to the Highwheeler cafe/deli/bakery for breakfast only to be told by the snippy young waitress that "we don't do scrambled eggs, we only flip 'em". Somewhat taken aback, we went on to the Village Kitchen which apparently is owned by a late riser: closed at 9 am. So we went on to have a very nice breakfast at the Yellow Cello Cafe where they cheerfully prepare the eggs any way you like, the breakfast was excellent and a good value too.
Kidston Lighthouse, Ann Nunziata 2010

Jon had to get his espresso at Bean There where they also have very rich sour cream cinnamon muffins. We returned to Highwheeler for their cinnamon twists which , according to Jon, are similar to but not quite as good as my mother's roll ups.
We spent the rest of the morning at the Alexander Graham Bell Heritage center which is a really fascinating look at this brilliant inventors life.

The estate of Alexander Graham Bell is not open to the public
For lunch, we discovered the touristy-looking Bell Buoy restaurant actually prepares very good food, although my lobster sandwich wasn't quite as good as the one I had at Covehead, PEI. We did some provisioning at the Co-op, and by the time we were done the beautiful day had gotten quite dark and we had several hours of rain. Jon chose this inopportune time to wash the boat and got soaked himself. I explored the local stores which were fairly full of tourist trinkets with a strong emphasis on the Gaelic heritage of the area. I especially enjoyed Baddeck Celtic Gifts and Tartans and the Water's Edge Gallery and Inn. The latter was almost like an artists co-op with works from numerous local artists, including my favorite, Kerry Brown.

We walked through more rain to bell Buoy for dinner where we had very good fish and; chips with strawberry rhubarb crumble for dessert.

Jon writes:

Quite a nice rainbow to brighten an otherwise drippy day. I started washing the boat and was soon washing in a downpour, but kept going anyway - lots of salt to wash off from Newfoundland. The rainbow was actually a rather spectacular double rainbow, but I cannot get my pictures of it to assemble correctly, so this one will have do:

Slightly distorted due to pano effects, a rainbow encircles 'Anomaly'

'Anomaly' is currently lying Pilotage Wharf, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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