Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9/3- Harbour Breton

Friday- a nice sunny day.

Ann writes:

Slept in- up too late on computer last night, and the town had a planned power outage until 11 am. (That means an interruption in chlorination and a boil order- sorry for the inconvenience!) The owner of fishing boat The Other Girl came by and talked up a storm about fishing and boats. One season involves whelks or snails as they call them which apparently are slimy but sold to the Koreans.

Got out the bicycles and rode over to the marina, but it was locked; the lower building is a museum, and the curator knew nothing about the marina. The upper floor is the Funship Internet Cafe with yummy tea biscuits and many PC's where we finally got reconnected for a while. Then we rode out the gravel road to the Rocky Point Lighthouse, the Light is much shorter than I would have thought. We returned by way of a gravelly beach where I found a nice sea urchin shell.

Rocky Point Lighthouse is surprisingly short.

We rode on into the main area of town and the Foodland shopping center. Ladies there recommended Scott's restaurant, which was better than average fish 'n chips We've mostly seen deep-fried food in Newfoundland- it tastes pretty good going down, but then it just sits it your stomach like a stone. And it's fairly expensive- $20-25 for lunch.

Rode out to Deadman's Cove RV park and beach on the way back. A family had the inviting crescent shaped beach all to themselves. The RV park has 10 spots surrounded by densely packed low-growing conifers and grassy banks. There are many pools and ponds and boggy ground in some places. I was hoping to see a moose, but hunting season has opened (only bows right now) and they seem to know to stay away. The 6 originally introduced mouse have become fairly numerous just inland and referred to by locals as Newfoundland Spead Bumps.

Deadman's Cove- fortunately, nothing but urchin shells washed up after Tropical Storm Earle passed through (photo taken 9/4)

Finally returned to the boat, and after another hour of beautiful sun, the temperature dropped sharply as the fog rolled in, wet and drizzly. We popped up to the Save More for some meat to stir fry, but the beef had a funny taste. Part-way thru dinner, the town Superintendent, Palmer Strowbridge, dropped by and suggested we'd be more comfortable over in the marina. They'd moved some boats around for us, so Jon went over in his truck to see. We moved over and they kept the gate unlocked for us. Palmer would like to encourage more tourism and really went out of his way to make us comfy. The internet cafe is right above us now, and we're able to take our own laptops up to connect; unfortuneatly the signal isn't strong enough to work on the boat.

'Anomaly' is currently lying Baddeck Harbor, Nova Scotia

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