Friday, October 8, 2010

9-22-10 Last day in St. Peter's

Wednesday- Clear and starry late last night, but disappointingly grey this morning.

Ann writes:

Got a quick bite at Tim Hortons before visiting Foodland for provisions. I just can't believe the constant line of cars in Tim's drive-thru. I wonder if an alternative coffee place could make it in this town; I sure hope Greg tries it. The Foodland people were great and gave me a ride back to the marina. I worked on my art bio and the NVAA website.
Jon realized the cruising guide didn't have the correct canal/lock operation hours, so at 3 pm, we motored down and passed through to the Atlantic side. Visitors to the park were taking pictures and enjoying seeing the lock operate. The lock operators seemed happy to see us too, said it was very slow this time of year.

Entering St. Peter's Canal - lakes side
Our new spot put us a lot closer to the beach which I then spent an hour or so beachcombing. The periwinkle-like shells are longer and more elegant looking, there were some oddly shaped scallop-like shells (note: later learned this was an Atlantic Slipper Shell- crepidula fornicata), and lots of "undeveloped" sea glass. Dinner was at the Bra D'Or Lakes Inn for another great meal: my pasta special had oyster mushrooms and rock crab with an incredible flavor and Jon enjoyed his prix fixe peppercorn steak. I shouldn't have had the bread pudding for dessert since I'd started with the rich creamy chowder.
I also really enjoyed the art on the walls. I'm fascinated with an artist who renders sailing scenes in such a minimalist way that is quite striking. They seem to have so little detail and yet they really "read" from a distance. Unfortunately neither of us could read the signature on the 2 pieces I saw there.

Jon writes:

It seemed enough time to make the run from St. Peters to Webbs Cove in Isaacs Harbor by leaving in the morning and getting the first passage through the St. Peters lock at 7 AM. This lock controls the tide through the channel blasted in the narrow isthmus at the south end of the Bra d'Or. However the marina manager mentioned in passing that the lock would not open until 8, and would be closing at 4 that day with the last passage at 3:30 (because the bridge would have to be opened for us) and that produced the possibility of arriving at Webbs Cove after dark. So we hurriedly readied 'Anomaly' to pass through the lock, that we might stay overnight on the Atlantic side and leave early the next day. The lock passage was easy as it only drops or rises a few feet, compensating for the state of tide in the ocean verses the lake. We tied to the wall and spent the evening watching the fisherman fishing in the lock and channel well into the night. 

Ann is now an expert line handler in the locks

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