Friday, October 8, 2010

9-21, Windy Day in St. Peter's

Tuesday- Windy with gusts to at least 34 kts

Ann writes:

     Did not sleep well due to all the marina noises last night; We aren't aligned well for the wind direction and s'ones roller furling jib is coming undone too. Too bad we aren't seeing St. Peter's at it's best; even the birds have disappeared.
     Wasn't too bad walking around as long as I bundled up. Jon wanted to get lunch at the Bras D'Or Lakes Inn, but they only serve dinner this time of year. 

Bras D'Or Lakes Inn
 We continued on and had a nice walk down the canal, along the Atlantic shore and back around into town. Ended up at MacBouche again for Toasted Western sandwich. Very expensive for what it was.
     Greg and Dawn drove us to Art and Karen Digout's home for dinner where Kathy and Bob also joined us. Bob was full of stories of sailing all over the world in their self built junk rigged  'Easy Go', usually without an engine or power. Karen's cooking was delicious and Jon even ate her eggplant parmesan which he wouldn't touch at home. I scored her Lemon Mousse recipe. We talked until almost midnight.

'Anomaly' is currently lying Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine

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