Friday, October 8, 2010

9-19-10 Crammond Islands to St Peter Island

Sunday- Mostly cloudy with occasional bursts of sun

Ann writes:

We spent the morning exploring the Crammond Islands, exploring the different depth in the dinghy and walking along the rocky shore a bit.  There were some great flat rocks for skipping on the water.

We had a nice sail from there up St. Peter's Inlet, although it was a little chilly.  We saw Greg Silver's nonsuch 26 Misty Cat as we tacked up St. Peter's Inlet. 

Dawn took this photo of Anomaly as Misty Cat went by.

    Jon also recognized Easy Go, the non-powered junk-rigged schooner that he'd read about when searching for news of Hurricane Earl from Newfoundland. Gerry ("I'm always good") cheerfully caught our lines at the fuel dock at the St. Peter's Marina, and I got some great photo's of a Heron fishing for his supper.

Heron with fish

We walked up to town hoping to find coffee shop, but I'm sorry to say the town had a very sad appearance at this hour- An abandoned gas station, a few unpromising looking eating establishments, Foodland, Home Hardware, and a Tim Hortons.
     Greg Silver's home was a great contrast- what a lovely home in a great location complete with 2 cozy cats. Greg graciously entertained us, and also drove us to the Bras D'Or Lakes Inn which serves 1st class cuisine, some of the best we've had in Altantic Canada.

Greg has a great home and a little harbor for his Nonsuch too
Jon writes:

After a pleasant morning we weighed anchor and headed to St. Peters. A breeze sprang up and we were able to raise sail and navigate the torturous channel into the bay under sail. Part way in we saw the Nonsuch "Misty Cat" owned by Greg Silver of St. Peters. We were directed to the fuel dock at the marina by Gerry, the gregarious marina manager and pulled alongside. Expecting rain, we carried our umbrellas into town to explore, and sure enough the rain came. 

St. Peters seemed slightly smaller than Baddeck, and differs from Baddeck in existing more for the residents than the tourists. The marina is quite nice, but situated a bit further from a town where there are far fewer restaurants and trinket boutiques (and no espresso shop….). 

Reflections on a calm Crammond Island morning
'Anomaly' is currently lying Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine

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