Friday, October 8, 2010

9-20-10 Rainy day in St. Peter's

Monday- another rainstorm

Ann writes:

Very good internet connection here so I worked on the blog all morning. Jon communicated with a mink on the dock, then went for propane with Greg Silver (thanks Greg!) while I cleaned up the boat a bit. We had lunch of fish & chips @ Mac Bouche with friendly service but unremarkable food. I painted a bit in the afternoon.

Greg and Dawn stopped by the boat and Jon embarrassed me by giving them the "full monty" slideshow on both the boat AND the house. They were polite enough not to yawn.

We had an annoying experience with CBS trying to download episodes of Craig Ferguson; it either said "that selection not available in your geographical area", or a really inane add by Nintendo would come up finally followed by just a small clip from one of his monologues. Maddening. I will never buy Nintendo product for sure, now.

St Peter's sunset
'Anomaly' is currently lying Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine

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