Monday, July 5, 2010


"When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow is the plan," I say, unconvincingly. "Just have a few things to finish up"

The next day the nice motorboat couple (the ones that aren't drunk most of the time) ask "Today's the day, huh?"

"Well, I have to get the tool cabinet installed and the tools stowed, do a little more work on the anchor tackle. Tomorrow I think…"

"I thought you'd be gone already". It's one of the guys that worked on the boat, stopping by when he sees us the following day. 

"Yeah, a little behind, need to run the reefing lines, get up the mast and adjust the lazyjacks, get the bicycles tied down, a few things here and there. Maybe this afternoon - or tomorrow."

"So, heading out?" It is the next day, and the live aboard couple from down the dock are beginning to wonder if we are ever actually going. 

"Just a few more things to do, then we will be ready….probably tomorrow…" I stare down at the dock boards, and receive their sympathy about there always being 'things to do'.

"Going soon?" The guy on the large sloop at the end of the pier wants to know. 

"Yeah, need to get some things organized down below, get the spinnakers from the shop, rig the main outhaul and downhaul….probably tomorrow....."

Posted from Port Cobourg. We left.

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