Sunday, July 18, 2010

From Prescott to Montreal

7/11, 4:26pm: We got our best look yet of an Osprey and her two chicks. She didn't like it when we did a second loop to get a good look.

7/11, 8:36pm: This scene at St. Regis looks more peacful than it actually was. We were anchored off an indian reservation at the juncture of Ontario, Quebec and New York, and it seemed to be a smugglers paradise. Boats and PWC's of every type, some painted flat black with no markings were constantly racing by. Each seemed to have the biggest outboard motor it could support. At one point, I became worried that we might get broadsided during the night.

7/12, 8:43pm: After getting soaked by a squall upon entering our last lock, we finally met up with our new Francophone friends at Port d'Escale in old Montreal and they took us to dinner at Jardin Nelson.
(L-R) Henriette, Lise, Gil, Jon, and Ivan

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  1. I am catching up on your trip, not having looked for a while - I notice that Jon is wearing the nice shirt you "gathered" for him. Sweet of him.

    lloyd herman
    Rendezvous, Nonsuch 30U