Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am here on the boat in Port Credit (just west of Toronto) readying the boat for the trip. The worklist includes many minor modifications and equipment installs, and one more substantial job: the installation and debug of the dinghy trailer. The transom of Anomaly opens to the dinghy garage, and the dinghy rolls out and is launched from the door. Last season we made do with the rudimentary wooden trailer to roll it out of its parking space, then with one on each side would simply lift it into the water.

However it was always contemplated to have a trailer that would roll aft and tilt to allow launching and retrieval by one person in the minimum amount of time. This got complicated because there is not sufficient room to have a simple trailer rolling back on wheels, rather it must telescope out from a track on the deck.  

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  1. John - is the transom water tight? If water comes on board, say on a beam reach with heavy aft swells, how is it removed and a chance yet to see if it affects the performance of the boat?

    Charlie Cassani
    Sacraemnto, CA

    p.s. Dean forwarded your blog to me!