Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From Ann:  Left SFO on 6/29 at 3:15pm after a long day taking the airporter bus from Napa and then having a 2 hour wait.  Very impressed with Air Canda.  Right on time, nice quiet, direct flight with screens at every seat and on demand programming.  Anything you want- News, flight data, TV, movies.  I watched a classic- Casbah staring Peter Lorrie.

Arrival at Toronto Pearson International also very smooth.  They've really modernized the terminal, although I still don't understand why it seems like a mile walk from the plane to customs.  Jon was waiting when I finally emerged with luggage in hand.

Spent 6/30 running around getting the sails and picking up provisions.  Looks like it will be tough to be ready to set sail on Friday.

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